Marc and everyone are so good. Now that this podcast (3 of them) exist no one need go anywhere else for marvel tv analysis

OG Avengers of podcasts

Remarkable conversations involving folks immersed in our current reality with their day jobs, and joyously channeling their inner angsty teenage curiosity otherwise. Using Marvel content and smashing moral philosophy together with references to English literature, pop culture, race and justice advocacy, and even D&D elements. Who would have thought it would work? but it does, and I’m here for it. It’ll make you desperately want to sign up for Prof. Adam’s literature class, subscribe to Amanda’s Salon work, and enroll in Jesse and Kristine’s legal seminar on justice. And is it crazy that I want to be apart of Mark’s group text? Well done folks.

Actually for real, the best Marvel TV pod

If you’re looking for a podcast to take you deeper into themes, characters and Weird Stuff than any other, this it it, buddy. I just mainlined the entire back catalogue in a few days Storycast with Amanda and the villainous Dr. A gives you the themes and allusions, while Character cast always brings both the big picture of a character’s entire arc and the minutia that you may have forgotten about with the incredible Kristine Kippens and PonderVision’s Jesse Taylor considers the weird, the wild and the far afield. Host Marc Faletti is the glue that holds it all together. I highly recommend the Crossover Event episode, if only for the game of “F*ck, Marry, Snap”. Enjoy!

It was Marc all along

The podcast we all needed but not the podcast we deserve. (Wrong universe) Immerse yourself in one of the best, if not the best Marvel pods available. Pleasantly surprised by the deep diving into each character and episode. I’m smarter for listening.

The Discussion Show We Need

This is the show I've always wanted...a deep discussion on themes, characters, and stories being told in the Marvel Universe. Such smart and impactful conversations!

Marvel unpacked!

Marc and co offer a thrilling deep-dive into the Marvel TV universe. Smart, funny, and compelling analysis. Not to be missed!

The Best MCU Analysis and Discussion You Can Find Anywhere

I stumbled onto this podcast while looking for my fix of MCU discussion now that the Disney+ shows have rolled out. This podcast absolutely exceeded my expectations - while most MCU analysis programs are fine, they’re a little superficial. With the Marvelous TV Club, you’re getting interesting questions posed and answered by hosts who are experts in their fields and bring a different POV to the universe than many other people online. If you’re into the MCU, whether or not you’ve got a history with the comics, this podcast is a must listen!


Marc and everyone are so good. Now that this podcast (3 of them exist) no one need go anywhere else for marvel tv analysis

Thinking woman's guide to the MCU

I <3 this podcast for the smart analysis and intellectual flights into the MCU! I was blown away by the Storycast finale episode for Wandavision -- Maeve Adams and Amanda Marcotte took us on a brilliant journey, through Frankenstein and moral philosophy and Kali -- and so I started listening to back catalogue and now I'm hooked

More Topics = More Fun

Just when I think I’ve got a Marvel tv episode all figured out, in swoops Marc-y-Marc and his Marvelous Bunch to blow my mind with insight I didn’t consider. This is such a fun pod to listen to. The best part is, you get four shows per tv episode. It’s the best medicine for Marvel fanatics.

Excellent host and guests bring literary perspective.

Gracious host Marc and guests Amanda and Maeve reveal the archetypes, callbacks, and allusions lurking behind the comic book source material. Great listen!

Great if you want a smarter cut of nerdy podcasting…..

This show has something for everyone — deeper literary-style analysis, theory geekery, and comic book deep dives. Check it out!

Amazingly deep analysis and critical thinking

Some of the most intelligent discussion to exist on the interweb.